The Taste of Sweet; Our Complicated Love Affair with Our Favorite Treats

Hi friends! I recently received a copy of this rich and thoughtful book, The Taste of Sweet; Our Complicated Love Affair with Our Favorite Treats from Random House. I would be remiss if I did not tell you upfront how fascinating this book is! Sweet, the word alone is used in so many ways. When it comes to the way we eat, many people consume too much of the "sweet". It is an attention grabbing topic, especially in the midst of our culture which struggles with sugars and sweets. Along with our individual relationships with desserts, Ms. Chen challenges you to understand what you thought you knew about the topic. I read in the preview (and it did stick out to me) the author points out how Americans think of sweets as a guilty pleasure when other cultures simply indulge in them. I find this so fascinating. We still continue to overindulge in those sweet confections and Ms. Chen analyzes through her scientific methods the link between taste buds and brain signals; what allows us to overindulge even though we have had enough.

Ms. Chen shows all the "pleasure junkies" out there about the bond we have built with our fondness of childhood memories and how our brains processes this information to how we truly feel about the sweet things in our adulthood. Trying to satisfy those is remarkable! After reading this book, you will never look at desserts or any other sweets the same! The book is available at any major bookstore near you or you may purchase this clever book from Random House online today!

Take The TASTE OF SWEET Quiz and find out if you are a "Super Taster" "Non-Taster" or a "Medium Taster." Your results will surprise you!

The author, Joanne Chen, is an editor and writer in New York City. Her work has appeared in Fortune Small Business, Life, Vogue, Health, Food & Wine, and the New York Times.

Visit her website at You can purchase the book, read about the author and other news related events, get recipes and soon there will be some "fun stuff" for fans!