Saturday, June 28, 2008

Housekeeping: The Cupcakery is digging out

Hello dear friends! I have missed you!! I know I promised a posting several weeks ago - I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelming 247 boxes truly are! Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting into my new kitchen; baking new surprises which I have been steadily creating in my mind over the past few weeks. Moving is hard work. I always say it helps to "clear the clutter" and realize exactly what you have and what you need!

Me thinks I am not wanting for anything, but in the cupcake world, there is so much fun to be had! I am delighted to have an entire shelf for all of my cupcake cookbooks. Plus an entire shelving area devoted to all of my liners, supplies and all of my decorations. I have missed you all but want to thank you for reading, checking in and I hope you will look forward to some delicious cupcakes to come!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Housekeeping: Movin' on up!

Hi friends! Just wanted to update you on what happened with my flooding situation back in March! As you read this I am moving into my new house... I am surrounded by corrugated boxes, packing paper, clear and brown packing tape, tons of bubble wrap and dish packs.

I am slowly getting settled, since my new house in not more than 1 mile from my current house. SO much fuss for such a short distance. I asked the moving guys not to crush all of the cupcake liners and pretty cups I have in a special drawer, so I had to laugh when I saw the big box filled with bubble wrap, paper and all the cupcake liners labeled "delicate." I should be moved in by tomorrow and finish emptying the boxes by next week. This process is SOOOOO long!! It is now officially my 12th move in 15 years, so I have some experience with the process.

I do like my new house and I am looking forward to getting settled, I just wanted you all to know what is going on! I am definitely going to need to celebrate with a massive dose of chocolate cupcakes! My Askinose chocolate got packed as well... so I have to wait for the other side ~ but what a treat it will be! I am looking forward to celebrating with you! Thank you friends!