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Hi friends,
I am in the midst of revamping many "old" family recipes which I found in my collection and updating my tried and true favorites after this last move. I have to be honest with you, the movers consolidated my cookbook collections from the upstairs and downstairs bookshelves - I was truly surprised to have 19 book boxes containing so many hard cover, soft cover cookbooks; magazines which have been dripped on, dog eared and pages torn out with promises of recipes to be tried out in the future. Wow!! I decided it was time for me to not only find out which recipes I use the most, but also probably weed out which books and recipes I am not using. I am an avid cookbook reader. I read them like a good mystery novel! Starting at Appetizers and ending at Desserts. Often times, stopping and lingering on entrees and side dishes like a private eye in search of the perfect clue.

My question for you lovely readers - what do you like to make in the Spring? Desserts with fruit? …

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