I have been a devoted baker since I was tall enough to peer over a kitchen counter. I had an EZ-Bake oven when I was smaller and I suppose you could say my passion grew from there! I remember learning how to make cinnamon rolls with my mother on a cold winter day, and watching my grandmothers make tried and true family favorites which always delighted everyone. My aunt showed me how to make the "secret family recipe" for pie crusts which encircles the most delicious apple pie you will ever taste - but yet I have noticed cupcakes always bring the same familiar glee to the face of anyone who sees a tray of them.

While there is nothing new about cupcakes, they have taken on a more modern apeal. Thus, I have created, experimented and been inspired by many. I continue to try and bring happiness, one cupcake at a time! My friends have been encouraging me to share my creations. Hopefully this blog with my experiments will inspire you too.

Happy New Year!


Stef said…
Welcome to the world of cupcake blogging! Have fun!

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