Cupcake Week on Martha Stewart

Hi friends! If you have not heard the news, then let me share the declaration from America's homemaker, Martha Stewart. It is "Cupcake Week!" Our three lovelies (Allison, Nichelle and Rachel) from Cupcakes Take the Cake taped a segment to help kick off cupcake week! Check these photos from the set and look at their darling handmade cupcake jewelry; so cute! Click here to see Cupcakes Take the Cake website!

Also, do not forget to check out some of Martha's pictures for the most beautiful cupcakes, recipes and cooking tips! Click here to see pictures of Martha's Favorite Cupcake Bakeries and images of individual cupcakes. Click here to see favorite recipes as seen on Martha's Show.

Get the recipe here for the Coconut Cupcake picture above from the Martha Stewart website!

Cupcakes are everywhere!

(Special thanks to Thomas Barwick for the use of this picture.)


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