Housekeeping: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hi friends! I am not sure if you noticed this week my postings have been somewhat sporadic. There were a series of unfortunate events in home which have caused me to temporarily have to move into a hotel suite, complete with a kitchen so there will be no shortage of cupcakes!

Basically, the hot water heater decided to burst and unleash well over 200 gallons of water on the first floor of my home after I left for work on Wednesday and my little guy was at school. I cannot adequately describe how this amount of hot water actually looks and what it can do, but alas I fear I have lost a majority of my furniture and personal belongings on the first floor which were in the path of the water.

Fortunately, what matters most to me; my 15 year old kitty cat and my little guy, are unharmed. The rest can either be replaced; cleaned up or discarded. I have a clean up service at the house now and am a bit overwhelmed by the mess. I guess it was just about time for some spring cleaning!

I am going to try a few experiment cupcakes in the suite and see what kind of results I get! This should be fun! Life is certainly a journey; not a destination! I did, however, want to let you all know what was going on with The Cupcakery. I hope this finds you healthy, happy and prospering... most of all dry!



Nikki57 said…
Oh no that's terrible. When I was in High School our basement was flooded by water when my parents were away. Cleaning that disaster up is a nightmare! I'm so sorry you lost so much stuff, but like you said, as long as everyone is ok that's what matters most.
The Cupcakery said…
Thanks Nikki! It is a huge mess and so overwhelming. Just not knowing where to begin first is frustrating! Fortunately we do have a clean up service who is doing the bulk of the initial clean up so we can at least figure out exactly what steps to take next! xoxo
Stef said…
I am so sorry to hear about your house! How awful! I hope your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.
The Cupcakery said…
Hi Stef! Thank you for your note. The cleaning team has done a great job with the bulk of the mess. I can't say my hardwood floors fared so well. But it is going to be okay! Thanks for checking in! xoxo

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