CONTEST! Mother's Day Memory Give Away!

Hi friends! Mother's Day in America is Sunday, May 11, 2008. My favorite place to be is in the kitchen with my little guy. I think we put so much of our heart into baking... with this in mind, I decided to sponsor a contest for Mother's Day! Tell me a little bit about your favorite memory of being in the kitchen with your Mom. Mom can be anyone who is your Mom or like a Mom to you. It can be your Aunt, Sister, Niece, special friend or maybe a new memory with your own little person! Anyone can enter; I just want to hear about a favorite "Mom" related memory in the kitchen! Winners will be randomly selected May 7, 2008.

Leave me a comment with your email address! I have three (3) prizes to give away - two of my favorite cookbooks (below). Good luck friends!

(1) One hard cover copy of The Lady & Sons Just Desserts by Paula Deen:

(2) Two soft cover copies of Macrina Bakery and Cafe Cookbook by Leslie Mackie:



Julie and Ben said…

I have a wonderful memory of making divinity candy with my grandmother as a little child. She was such a neat and lovely lady.

Brittany said…
When I was growing up, Mom made a lot of homemade cookies. Our kitchen wasn't huge, so she would store them in plastic containers that she would stick in the oven. Once evening while making dinner, we began to smell something funny. After investigating, we discovered that Mom had preheated her oven without checking it. The result? A bizarre sculpture-like mass of melted plastic and cookies dripping off of the oven rack. My sister and I couldn't stop laughing - and we still tease her about it.

The best part, however, is the fact that Mom did this THREE different times before she finally decided to find a different way to store cookies! :)
I remember being in the kitchen with my mom as a kid making Apple Pies. You know, the kids always get the not-so-fun jobs like peeling the apples but I learned how to make them the same way...just as my gram did and to this day I still use the same recipe. Memories like those are the reason I love baking today. :)

Anonymous said…
Baking...she bakes while I lick the bowl, spoon, etc....

DolceDeLuca said…
I love this! What a great way to honor Mom's and like-Mom's everywhere :) My favorite memory of being in the kitchen with my Mom is they day she taught me how to make Italian sauce... which is my Great-Great-Grandma's recipe from Sicily. There are four generations currently alive: me, my Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma. We all make it a little bit different but its all from the same place. I hope to have a daughter one day so I can teach it to her.
Thanks so much for the giveaway! Well, I have to say that I have such great memories of taking cooking classes with my mom. Before I knew I wanted to become a pastry chef, but just knew I loved to cook and eat, she would take me on special date nights to cooking classes that she knew I could never afford. It was those times that I realized that cooking and baking really was what I wanted to do with my life. Without such a great mom I know I wouldn't be living my dream right now!
Sherri said…
just found your blog and must say I love it!
Well,the first kitchen memory that comes to mind is of my granny and me in her kitchen making homemade "cat head" biscuits. I loved helping her mix the ingredients with my hands.Granny has been gone for almost 6 years now and so thinking of her in memories like this is always such a nice reminder of all the love we shared with each other.Thank you for bringing the subject up.
lyndsey221 said…
My Mom and I always made pies for the local county fair when I was a kid. I remember one year pinching my hand on the can opener when I was opening sweetened condensed milk. My mom took a picture of me crying and at the time I was unhappy about that but she told me I would enjoy the memory. She was right. I have that picture and many others of us baking together and I am reminded of the many fair ribbons won and the many pie crusts that we rolled out together.
The Cupcakery said…
Hi friends! Thank you to all who entered my Mother's Day Memory Give Away! I enjoyed all the stories and I am looking forward to sponsoring another contest! Thank you for taking the time to enter! Best! xoxo

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