Housekeeping: Apologies to Zahirah from Cupcakes D'Lights

Hi friends! I want to share with you something which was brought to my attention yesterday and something which I need to talk about with you; my readers. If you remember I had a picture which was in The Cupcakery header; it was an image called "Feathers and Roses" and was courtesy of Cupcakes D'Lights."

When I first began my blog in January of this year, I was looking for pictures of cupcakes to use on my site. As most of us do, I used Google and began perusing the many, many images of cupcakes which are out in cyberspace. I ultimately found two pictures I liked very much. I used one of the pictures on my header and the second on my profile. Little did I know they were both created by the same baker. When I decided on the two pictures, I noted there was no copyright and also no name associated with the photographs.

It was brought to my attention yesterday by Zahirah from Cupcakes D'Lights that I was using her pictures with out permission. I had no malicious intent to neither deceive nor to discredit the hard work and imagination of the person who took the time to bake, frost, decorate and photograph these beautiful cupcakes. In addition to baking; setting up the shots, photographing and downloading the pictures onto the internet is a time consuming process.

I would like to apologize to Zahirah who has had a spot on my Blog Links since I started my blog. Zahirah is the one responsible for this lovely cupcake which has been on The Cupcakery header since I started my blog. I decided to use my own cupcakes for my profile and the header, but I wanted you all to know I would not purposefully begrudge someone their due credit.

Thank you for continuing to read and come back to my blog. I appreciate your continued support and I look forward to more cupcakes!



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