A word from Sudi Pigott

Hi friends! I was delighted to receive an email from Sudi Pigott regarding my recent post with a review of her book. "How to be a Better Foodie; A Bulging Little Book for the Truly Epicurious" is a delight, so take a look at my review! Below is Sudi's email to me and a wonderful opportunity for those of you in London. It sounds great!!


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Hi Wendy,

What a fantastic review - thank you. It sounds like you've enjoyed the book exactly the way I hoped people would. Only problem is I included so much in it, it is almost impossible to think of a sequel. I'm intrigued to know what kind of foods you weren't familiar with? I thought you might also enjoy doing this foodie quiz I did recently for the Guardian newspaper in the UK though I realise a few of ingredients may not be found in US - I also run foodie quizzes now for restaurants and companies.

Also, I am going to be doing some foodie tours of Borough Market with Intercontinental Hotel Mayfair - I think they are offering special packages whereby I will take guests around and introduce them to producers, organise some tastings and generally offer advice on what to eat, food trends and my favourite places to dine out in London. I may also do something similar for Chelsea area with The Capital Hotel.

Best Wishes



Bridgett said…
Oh wow, how I wish I lived in London! That would be so much fun to tour Borough Market with a knowledgeable guide.
The Cupcakery said…
It would be a delightful way to learn about Borough Market. I would love to know the turn out for the tours. I would probably leave with arm loads of food and jars upon jars of things I MUST have! Can you imagine!?

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