Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook by, Martha Stewart

(Take a look at Martha Stewart's new cookbook here.)

Hi friends! I told you I was behind on postings and lucky you gets to read about another fantastic cookbook which I think should be on your wish list this holiday season! My little guy and I went to a very special book signing at Williams-Sonoma in the Westchester Mall in White Plains. The queen of domesticity was signing copies of her latest book Martha Stewart's Cooking School. I really admire Martha Stewart's talent. The way cooking, gardening, homemaking, entertaining and decorating come so easily to her. Her books, radio shows, television shows and the entire Martha Stewart Crafts section at Michael's can make everyone feel as though "we can do it too!" And why should we not feel that way ~ everyone of you is filled with so much creative potential! (I just hope if you are creating these wonderful crafts - I at least get to see pictures of what you have made or I am around to taste what you have created!)

(William-Sonoma; a welcoming entrance!)

We, okay, (it was mostly me) I, was very excited to meet Martha Stewart. My little guy gently reminded me, along with a new friend I made in line, Ms. Gail, that the book signing is all I talked about during the week! We arrived somewhat early so the queue was not terribly long. The Williams-Sonoma staff made sure everyone was taken care of by coming around with trays of creamy tomato soup (a recipe in Cooking School). After my little guy and I made it through the receiving line, we met and were greeted by Martha Stewart, there was a delicious tray of sugar cookies (also a recipe in the book!)

Here is Martha laughing with her guests...

...and signing.

Martha looked so trendy and at ease; she was so lovely and graceful. There was an electric buzz in the air. Everyone was so excited! Ms. Gail had an armful of books and I admit, this blogger was tickled to talk with Martha, if only for a few moments. Even my little guy said "Hi Ms. Martha, my mom really loves you!" She smiled at him and told him how happy she was that he came. [I love how this sounds:] We talked about blogs and cupcakes, and how several of my favorite recipes come from her Baking Handbook. Then Martha did tell me (and here's a scoop) a complete Martha Stewart Cupcake Book is in the works! Fabulous! You know I will be looking forward to that one when it arrives.

And finally, after those few moments spent with Martha, I very cheerily walked away with my new cookbook. And of course Martha has wonderful penmanship. (I just knew she would have!)

As a caveat, as we were walking past the sugar cookies and taking a glimpse at the crowd, the local NBC camera crew covering the event stopped me and asked me how Martha knew about my blog, what did Martha have to say about a new cupcakes cookbook, why did I like her so much, what did I think of her? It was a short interview which aired locally. Unfortunately I never did see it, but most of my co-workers did. My little guy thought it was pretty cool ~ and do you know how hard it is to impress an 8 year old, at a cooking event? Yes! I rock!

Quickly, let me tell you why I really like this cookbook; several reasons. The book is broken down into different techniques from very basic things like what spices look like and how to use them, to how to make perfect pie crusts and on to more complex cooking techniques. The book is filled with sharp, clear photographs, checklists and tips which will help you follow the techniques flawlessly. This cookbook book is great for beginners and a wonderful refresher for anyone who knows their way around the kitchen. Think of it as having Martha or an "assistant" in your kitchen!

These is my favorite volume which I regularly use:
Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook
Now I have another favorite:
Martha Stewart's Cooking School

The holidays are upon us and I don't know about you, but I can use all the help I can get; this is a nice thick volume to add to your shelves! Thank you Martha! Happy baking friends!



The Monroe 6 said…
What a great story!
now I am 1 degree of Wen from Martha???
hee hee
Have a great day!
Christine said…
Wow, that is a totally cool rockin' Christmas season for you and you little guy!
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