Tate's Bake Shop: Cookbook by, Kathleen King

Hi friends! Happy Holidays to everyone ~ whatever you are celebrating I just know something sweet to eat is on the menu! I am somewhat behind on posting, not only cupcake recipes and photos but a few updates for you. Why? You know I have a perfectly darned good reason!

I bought a new cookbook.

Yep. That's my reason. My hairdersser, Dawn, told me about Tate's about a year ago when she was trying to make the coconut birthday cake for her beau. How could I not be curious about such a spectacular little Bake Shop hidden in the Hamptons. Tate's is a darling bake shop in Southampton (New York). If you have never been there before... get there! If you can't get there, visit the website and buy this book! You know I like to share yummy goodies with my readers, and this is definitely one of them! (Kathleen King, owner. Photo courtesy of Tate's Bake Shop.)
I have made several of Kathleen King's recipes in the past year and they are scrumptious. Easy to make, yummy to eat and even better when you share them with a friend! I signed up on the website for The Recipe of the Month. I finally broke down and bought the cookbook since I have enjoyed each months recipes so much.

If you are curious about what is inside, let me tempt you: Muffins and Scones (orange poppy seed muffins, rhubarb crumb muffins and apricot ginger scones); Pound Cakes and Breads (lemon pound cake, date nut bread and squash rolls); Cookies and Bars that will leave you clamoring for another batch (cappuccino shortbread, white chocolate brownies, and peanut butter squares); Pies, Crisps and Cobblers (apricot cherry pie, key lime pie, and apple cranberry crisp); Cakes (coconut birthday cake [FABULOUS!], chocolate mousse cake, hummingbird cake, chocolate hazelnut fudge cake, and sticky toffee date pudding) Healthy Alternatives (energy bars, healthy pumpkin bread and oatmeal tahini cookies). Just so you know, this is only a teensy-weensy sample of the index. This cookbook is over a hundred pages of really simple to follow recipes, with a foreword by none other than Ina Garten.

I really needed another cookbook. What can I say? I love good cookbooks and this is one of them. Another thing I like about the cookbook, besides the luscious list I wrote for you already, is the way the colors on the cover match the Tate's Bake Shop building, perfectly! What a way to accessorize!(Tate's Bake Shop - Photo Courtesy of ForbesTraveler.com)

Let me know if you get this delicious book ~ I would like to know what you make and what your favorites are. Happy baking!



RenĂ©e said…
Hi Wendy! I LOVE Tate's bakeshop and I had NO idea that they made a cookbook! This is definitely going on my Christmas list! P.S. I *finally* got to make something out of the Macrina cookbook when the weather got cooler here. Handmade Challah bread... wow... so fantastic! Thanks again :)
Wendy said…
Hi RENEE! Aha! Another Tate's fan ~ the cookbook is fantastic. I hope Santa brings you a surprise. Make sure you sign up for the monthly newsletter too on the website - it is a nice treat in your inbox! I must say, I am impressed about the Challah bread! Macrina's is awesome also. Way to go! Did you take any pictures? Send me an email. Best!
Jimmy Simpson said…
What is the price of this cookbook ?
Jimmy Simpson
Wedding Cake Writer
Wendy said…

The retail price of this cookbook is $24.95. I use this book a lot as a "go to" for really easy and delicious recipes! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!

I can send you a copy if you are not able to get your hands on one. Email me at the[dot]cupcakery[at]yahoo[dot]com


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