CONTEST: 5 Blogoversary Winners!!

Hi friends! Due to an unfortunate circumstance of lost luggage with Egypt Air on my return trip from the Middle East last week, the winners for my Blogoversary CONTEST were delayed. Fortunately, I had the foresight to mail a good portion of the spices to myself. It turns out since there were only 5 cupcakes to enter, each one of you will now have an extra special cupcake fun spice prize pack coming your way! These are the 5 cupcakes to enter and my responses! Thanks for playing!

Spogden: Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are so comforting and what a burst of flavor! Cloves have such a distinct scent, combined with oranges is terrific too. I hope you get to Venice, Italy and Paris, France both cities are chocolate decadence destinations along with so much delicious food.

Jingle: Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is a classic! Great choice. You will be interested to know nutmeg is not a spice which is at all common in Saudi Arabia. I had difficulty finding it in the spice souq! South Africa is home to one of my favorite wines "Robertson Wine."

Jen: You chose two very different flavors! I would like to try lemon/blueberry/basil! Europe is wonderful... maybe this will be the year you get to see a European country! If you cannot get there through travel, the best way to get there is travel through cooking!

Karen: I love dark chocolate and what a great flavor combination with Mocha! Yum! Nutmeg seems to be the popular spice choice. I like nutmeg on pasta too. Italy, Japan and France are such lovely destinations with so much to offer. I have never been to Armenia, what a great selection! I have, however, had food from Moldova which was quite good.

Lisa Smiley: Salted caramel cupcakes! How savory! Coriander is a great choice. I like the way the scent lingers. Austria is a really beautiful country. Not only does Austria have gorgeous snow capped mountains but the wonderful treasure city of Salzburg, which I have eaten my way through, many, many times! :-) I hope you can get there.

Please email me your contact information the[dot]cupcakery[at]yahoo[dot]com and I will get the prize packs out to you! Thank you again for entering and I am sorry for my tardiness. I do, however, think you will love, love, love what I am sending your way.



Jingle said…
Oh, NO! I am so sorry that you lost your luggage! Is it looking like you will get it eventually? I hope so! Thank you so much for the prize!!! I am excited about that!

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