Cupcake Wine

( The label is decidedly feminine and elegant, with a tiny cupcake,
celebrated in a pen-and-ink rendering much like a crest.)

Hi friends! While this is not a new item, I thought it was an interesting find to share with those of you who enjoy a glass of inexpensive wine. NO! It does not taste like cupcakes and I have not tried it yet, but it seems like a whimsical wine to try.

"A big, rich Chardonnay from California’s desirable Central Coast, where the sun drenched grapes create full and elegantly-textured wines. Decadent layers of butter, cream, bright citrus and vanilla melt into a balance of oak and subtle spice. In other words: Sinful."

Cupcake Vineyards sells for about $10 per bottle. You'll find a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from vineyards in California's Central Coast region, made by Adam Richardson, who has more than a dozen years' experience in Australia and California. Collectively, they offer a generous helping of intense, elegantly textured, complex fruit flavors and spicy oak for wines in their price slot.

I prefer Merlot and still think $3 Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's is awesome, has anyone tried this Cupcake Wine? Thoughts?



Yarn Princess said…
I wonder if they have it around here... Worth a try.
I *Heart* You said…
it's pretty decent. i've found it for as cheap at $7 a bottle.
Anonymous said…
I had the sauvignon blanc and it was excelent! =) trying to find it again!
Anonymous said…
The Cabernet is my fave! Local stores around me are not selling it anymore,so it looks like I'll be ordering on-line...
Dana said…
Now this sounds really fun! I love wine and cupcakes, so this really would be perfect for me! haha

I commented on your chocolate cupcakes a couple weeks ago and really enjoy your blog (they were amazing!). Enjoy reading your blog and your variety of fun and unique cupcake recipes.

but this is a great idea naming a winery after cupcakes if you love baking, I wish I lived in California so I could try it.

Hello and thank you for the blog post on our wine.

Cupcake wines are widely distributed, but you can also find us on our new website:

We just released a new Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

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