On a personal note and FINALLY Announcing Martha Stewart Cupcake and Cookie Cookbook Winners

Hi my dear friends! I know it has been over four months since I have posted anything. Four months - Oh. My. Gosh. How can that be? I am stunned quite so much time has passed. Have you wondered what in the world has become of me? Aside from missing you all very much and wondering what new recipes and creations I have missed out on - I will tell you I have been very sick.

I had a surgical procedure on my throat over the summer and in the process my vocal chords were injured which caused secondary and tertiary damage to my larynx and my lungs. Breathing is not optional and for me, neither is talking! I am, however, an optomist and I hope the road to recovery is not one I divert off of. It is all very involved but suffice it to say, I have missed blogging very much!!! I am beginning to feel better and will hopefully be back to a more regular posting schedule. Please know your emails and comments have meant everything to me! I promise I will not stay away so long!

Moving on to important business, I contacted my delightful winners of the Martha Stewart Cupcake and Cookie Cookbook contest I sponsored in JUNE!! Below are the winners, your parcels should be arriving very shortly. Many, many thanks for your patience!

Congratulations to my lucky winners and thanks to everyone who entered, shared your ideas, thoughts and checked back over the past four months! I will look forward to sharing some pictures and cupcake recipes with you very soon. Most importantly be vigilant about your own health! Do not forget to get your annual health and dental check ups and always wear sunscreen, everyday! There is only one you and I happen to think you are very special!



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