Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hi friends,
I am in the midst of revamping many "old" family recipes which I found in my collection and updating my tried and true favorites after this last move. I have to be honest with you, the movers consolidated my cookbook collections from the upstairs and downstairs bookshelves - I was truly surprised to have 19 book boxes containing so many hard cover, soft cover cookbooks; magazines which have been dripped on, dog eared and pages torn out with promises of recipes to be tried out in the future. Wow!! I decided it was time for me to not only find out which recipes I use the most, but also probably weed out which books and recipes I am not using. I am an avid cookbook reader. I read them like a good mystery novel! Starting at Appetizers and ending at Desserts. Often times, stopping and lingering on entrees and side dishes like a private eye in search of the perfect clue.

My question for you lovely readers - what do you like to make in the Spring? Desserts with fruit? Lighter fare? Do you stick with your "tried and true" desserts? Or are you likely to experiment with new flavorful recipes? There are of course seasonal recipes for the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo... I would love to hear your thoughts on this! I am always in search of ways to incorporate and serve up flavors we all know and love!


Monday, February 18, 2013

It's not okay to steal my blog posts

The Eat Navy Cupcake!
Triple Chocolate Cupcake topped with
Vanilla Buttercream and Edible Pearl
Hello friends,

I have missed you! If you are not already following me on Facebook (Cupcakery Hudson Highlands) or Twitter (the_cupcakery) look for my updates as I am baking daily. I am sad to say there has been some unethical blogger stealing my pictures and recipes, frequently. This has made me hesitant to post my recipes. Over the past few months, I have watched this "person" not only bad mouth me, call me names, call me a troll, a hater and a slew of other names. In the end, she is a fraud and has not had the decency to respond to my personal messages and requests to give me credit for my work, my recipes and my photos which she has blatantly taken from my blog. The "internet" did not suddenly come up with images of cupcakes and other ideas - they were created by me. Changing one word from "that" to "which" does not constitute it suddenly being an original recipe. Cut and pasting from someones blog, is simply being fraudulent and I am aware of this person's activity. 

As with any blogger or creative individual; I work very hard creating cupcakes and have tried to give credit when I am inspired by other bakers who work just as hard at their own ideas and creations. I was "anonymously" informed today that a Facebook page has not only taken my photos but claimed them as their own work. It's a sad day when someone plagiarizes someone else's creativity to get "likes" and "comments" - I work too hard, often at great personal expense to stand by and watch that. I let the person know they were posting my pictures from my blog and to please remove them from their page, but have not received a response and will most likely not get one. Unethical people usually do not like to be called on their behavior.

Zesty Orange Lemon Cupcake 
We all posses gifts and talents and it is not okay for someone to take my work and claim it as their own. This goes for any creative work: photography, baking, arts and crafts. BOTTOM LINE: Give the professional courtesy and proper credit to the person whose work you are using. The internet is full of so many wonderful, constructive, original people. I am not looking to make this an open debate but I would like my readers to know that I value your readership, your insights and I look forward to many more years of sharing our ideas and creativity. Thanks for your support! Let's keep living the sweet life and I will share some new recipes I have been working on. I love my readers!

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake