LAST DAY to Enter the "Mother's Day Memory Cookbook Give Away!"

Hi friends! Don't forget to enter the "Mother's Day Memory Cookbook Give Away" by May 7th for a chance to win 3 fabulous prizes!

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bookworm said…
i don't have alot of money to buy my mom a present and one day when i was 10 i gave my mom a box full of fake beaded rings and necklaces. i was proud on mothers day when i gave her the box but inside instead of my present i opened it up to find a real dimand necklace! to my surprize to have it my dad placed a real necklace in the box with a card that said, "i love you forever and always from, your darling daughter. my mom looked realy surprized and we still like to think of that day as the day when the mothers day fairy gave us a visit.

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