Valentine's Day Cupcake Goodies 2009

Hi friends! This Valentine's Day will be a bit sad for my little guy. The girl whom he has had a crush on for the past few years will be moving a few days before February 14th. From the moment she walked into his 1st Grade class, he has been quite smitten with this lovely brown haired beauty. They are friends and spent the first summer swimming, going to the ice cream shop, movies, riding bikes, going to the park, we rode the train back from NYC after seeing the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in the Christmas Spectacular. I made "Cupid's Pillow Cupcakes" last year as a Valentine surprise for the object of his affection and on and on it goes!

There is something about the innocence of a first crush that is almost too-much! Here are some of his expressions and questions he has asked me to clarify his love for her:

"Mommy sometimes I feel like little hearts are coming out of the top of my head."

"Mommy, do you know that feeling, like when your heart is too big for your chest? That's how I feel when I see her!"

"Mommy, do you think one day she will know that my heart feels like it makes my shirt move when she gets too close to me?"


I can only give him a hug and say, "Sweetheart, one day she will know."

Oh. My. Gosh. That is serious stuff!!

As you can well imagine, upon learning of the upcoming departure this past Tuesday, my little guy is crushed. You have never seen eyes get so blue. But he is his mother's son afterall! He is already planning on how to say good-bye to her so she doesn't get too sad. What tickled me was the way he said "Mom, I am sorry but I am going to need you to make A LOT of cupcakes here!" It was a very pointed statement. I smiled to myself and very seriously told him "You tell me what you need darling, and Mommy will make them!"

I am now feeling the "pressure" to make the world's best cupcake. I was searching for a few fun and different "pre-Valentine's" goodies, so I thought I would share my list, just in case you are searching for something similar!

Did you know Reynolds Wrap Kitchens has an area they call Cupcake Central? It is filled with delectable ideas for snacks, treat, desserts, seasonal fun and special occasions!

Last year my little guy made heart shaped cupcakes in Reynold's Heart Shaped Baking Cups. Then we individually wrapped them with clear cellophane paper and a pink ribbon.

I love Williams-Sonoma. I have for years enjoyed going in to the retail store and touching the textiles, looking at all the diverse spices and cookbooks, can I even begin to tell you how much I love to imagine the dishes and bakeware in my own kitchen! Over the years I have purchased so many gadgets, All-Clad cookware pieces, wreaths, candles... I am a kitchen junkie! During Halloween I got my little guy a personalized apron with the pumpkin and candy corns. Yeah... I am cheesy like that!

Well, this year for Valentine's Day I am going to get this set. It's fun and whimsical. The best part is being able to bake and decorate the homemade cupcakes with creamy frosting, topped with X's and O's, love, hugs and kisses out of fondant which comes with the kit.

Williams-Sonoma also carries Sprinkles Cupcake Mix (chocolate, lemon, red velvet, vanilla). Check that out! Once the cupcakes are baked, decorated and finished; you will need to box them up. I ordered several different sizes of these lovely pink single and double cupcake boxes and inserts from BRP Box Shop. They are excellent quality!! Sometimes I will add a pink and brown satin ribbon to tie around the boxes, depending on who I am giving the cupcakes to.

Another favorite place I like to haunt is Crate and Barrel. I am never disappointed and they always have fun and fabulous treats for the holidays! Valentine's Day is no exception. I especially like the darling Valentines Cupcake Wrappers at a very affordable $3.95. My other favorites are the decoratifs which you can sprinkle ontop of yummy cupcakes (or fun cookie-pops). There are three assorted varieties. Once everything is baked and dressed, it can be displayed on this delightfully playful Valentine Plate. And what about these pretty ruffled cake pedestals? (In two perfect sizes! Lovely!) I am an absolute sucker for hot cocoa and Cupid could not have done better himself with this pink hot chocolate batch!

Speaking, dreaming, wishing of hot chocolate...

One of my next lustful favorites for Valentine's Day are the homemade marshmallows from Baked NYC. At only $4.50 for delicious, soft, clouds of vanilla, chocolate or peppermint! You can also choose a marshmallow set if you cannot decide! Think of all the possibilities with these beauties... add them to hot chocolate, make s'mores, toast them over the hibachi, share them with your Valentine, or don't share them at all!!

Baked also has a delectable assortment of granolas, cookies (chocolate chip, ginger molasses, oatmeal, chocolate cloud, and monster cookies), brownies and bars are also available with delivery options! Perhaps if you love everything from the bakery you can purchase the new Baked cookbook "New Frontiers in Baking" You know how much I adore cookbooks! You can never have enough of a good thing. Trust me, you really cannot go wrong with anything from this delightful bakery!

I will have to wash my sticky fingers after all those marshmallows, and who could resist Sephora's Vanilla Cupcake Body Collection! Body Butter, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Body Oil... attention gift givers!! What you need to know about this luscious product: The Sephora Brand Vanilla Cupcake Body Collection is a sweet mix of decadent French vanilla and almond, infused with honey and buttermilk that creates a lavish lather to clean, moisturize, and smooth all skin types. Each product contains deeply hydrating ingredients, such as aloe vera and jojoba, for delectably soft skin.

Well for now this are a few fun goodies I have found, I will let you know what my little guy and I come up with for the "World's Best Valentine's Cupcake!"


Abby said…
Ack! Are you trying to get me to spend money in this tight economy?! All of those things are SO cute!

And hearts coming out of the top of his head? Be still MY heart. Adorable.
Stef said…
Aww... I feel so sad for him. That can't be easy. Poor little guy.
Nazarina A said…
Your little guy is a Valentino at heart! He is too cute! Those cupcakes will make any girl's heart melt!

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